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Our foundation is mostly looking for volunteers who can teach any skill to the disadvange Cambodian who have financial problem that make them unable to pay to join the most skill schools. We would be much appreciated if you can share your skill knowledge to help teaching to the others.

With your help, step by step will improve the non skill to essential skill and become full skill and make them easily to find job in their hometown or in their own country. If they have a suitable job of their wish then they will try to focus as well done work and focus to provide good service for further recommendation from their clients so this will bring a positive way as peaceful living in our society. In return your help will be remained as a super hero to them forever and your action will be an excellent sense to follow for later generation. We love to hear from you of any opinion you have, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: foundation@angkorworld.asia.

Join us now. We are looking for volunteers.

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