About Us

Company Profile

Angkor World Travel & Tours Co., Ltd is an expert agent in the travel industry of Cambodia more than 20 years. You might wonder why you never heard about us?  Because so far we only work as partnership with longstanding travel companies over the world. We have just decided lately that it is time to flow our full experiences with many nice and unforgettable holidays of Cambodia sharing with more travellers. 

Why Travel with Us?

  • Reliable
    We absolutely an officially registered travel agency as license number at lowest page "License Info" which mean our company was registered in a legal way. We work with only reliable suppliers to provide our customers a safety travel with smile.
  • Specialist
    With our experienced team, we well designed for many different type of tours including luxury tailor-made tours, authentic soft adventure tours, special routes that are off the beaten track tours, and group series tours ...etc. No matter for either travelling as solo, a couple, family or group. We know how to find the unique spot, avoid the crowed, dine at a private rural charming villa or by local style in the jungles or edit to your dream wishes, romantic private cruise for sunset cocktail, see the whole area from the top, see the best view in the right timing, enjoy sunset drinks by the pond of Angkor, hi-tea cruise during gold time or canape sunset cruise on the waterway of Angkor Thom, hiking, rolling by the zipline through the rainforest. We familiar with children or teenager until retired person. Our supplement favourite action is to do the handpicked for boutique with colonial charm or historical class or a great world class accommodation from mainland to the beaches and islands throughout Cambodia. We selected the very knowledgeable and helpful guides to lead our tours. We also care about the safety of our travellers by carefully accepted only the 100% safe drive with legal licensed driver who have enough uncountable driving around Cambodia without any trouble. We focus on the hygiene, good atmosphere, and green environment too thus we always inspect and sample every aspect and food before we add in our tour itineraries. Additionally to fulfill the travel requirement we have the professional ticketing team who able to work out quickly for ticket of flight/bus/boat, visas and passport services... We look after every step to ensure your traveling with us is completely nothing to worry about. What you need what you dream for your journey in Cambodia is our works to find for you! 
  • Competitive Services
    Our team was treated to compete our provided services to our customers because we would like all of us to reach the outstanding reviews from our customers. This is also a great way to help our team to improve our knowledge. So we always search and look for what best to make our travellers enjoy their journey in Cambodia. We hope you are happy and return home with a great holiday.
  • In-depth Knowledge
    Having in-depth knowledge of each sight , activity, ….etc. is our must to give our travellers great value and a meaningful experiences on every trip. Choose us to serve your travel need is saving your time a lots to search of what is going smoothly, safe, fun, convenience and value of what you have paid because we are ready to offer what best available in Cambodia for our travellers. We have the skill to tailor various options according to the level of travellers from budget up to luxury.
  • Best Price Guarantee
    Of course! Best price is our job. We have good cooperation with many suppliers in the tourism industry of Cambodia for years and our cooperated prices have considered as good deal from all of our worldwide partners. We work directly with the local products and we know how to use our succeed technique to negotiate and to find the great value for our partners and our more customers on every level. 
  • Responsible Tourism
    All of our trips are supporting local economies and make sense to local people. We focus to allow local to get the benefit from tourism so they will involve together to take high attention on good environment and offer wonderful services. We make sure our travelers have done a positive trip and worth to local in the country they visited. 
  • Our vision is to be the best travel company in Cambodia and real time online tours operators.
  • We are the pioneers in travel and tourism.
  • Our goal is to provide top-quality service and to assure your travel enjoyable are met with the ultimate care and convenience way.

The main key values of our agency are based on four guiding principles:

  • Open Mind
  • Share an Experiences
  • Strength from development
  • Freedom through Responsibility

We are working hard to offer tourists all over the world a reliable travel agent based in Siem Reap Angkor and specialized in Cambodia excellent services, unique journeys to Cambodia with very competitive prices.

We are very enthusiastic to cater your need and to assist you in planning unforgettable holidays in Cambodia. Besides, for better services to our clients, we commit to your requests within 24hours.

We bring values to the outside world and, in the same time, we embrace the responsibility for the existing values preservation, especially Cambodia tourism. Cambodia tourism specifically is growing day by day together with direct and indirect demand. In a poor country, the obvious wealth of people from developed countries is a powerful lure. Unsustainable use of natural areas and exploitation of natural resources is a growing concern. Generally, it is a big issue for most of undeveloped countries; that is not obtaining income from tourism activities.

Thus, unlike many Cambodia tour companies, we take our responsibility towards protecting the culture and environment of the countries. We call upon visitors to keep the originality of each destination including people, culture, environment and society. We develop Cambodia tourism and oriented countries as a means of improving the income of local people.


We have good and long term cooperated with worldwide travel agents to assist as local ground operator and prepare products with detail quote. From our experiences, we would proud to introduce ourselves to more agents who are looking to work with local agent in Cambodia as partnership. Please do not hesitate to contact us at travel@angkorworld.asia and we would love to hear from you even you just have little trip or tiny travel service need in Cambodia.

Our service charge is guarantee lowest to secure you can beat the competitor in your market easily. We well understand how to manage to support our partner to be strong and continue more popular forever. Some of our partners started from one tour per year and become to a few tours per week. Why? because we know how to make their clients enjoyable and felt valuable with money they have paid then they recommend to more friends and relatives to book via our partner. We prefer the clients who booked from our partner return to recommend our partner so step by step our partner's reputation become more well known and more popular as a top agent in their region. We both helping each other to grow up and this is the way we wanted. We like to see both of us are able to reach the goal of success together after we have agreed to be partnership.

Any of your preference to become partnership, we can discuss more detail and we will be respected what we have agreed.

Why choose us to be your partner?

  • We expert in the travel products of Cambodia
  • We know how to arrange all type of tours
  • We well manage for different category to suit the level of clients
  • Low commission but high quality 
  • Respect the agreement 
  • Prefer to loose the money but not loose face
  • Work hard for any need of urgent case and a fast response
  • Happy to help and share our knowledge of Cambodia
  • Ensure all guests travel with us are happy and nothing to worry about
  • Focus all of our works are reaching the exceptional score 
  • Professional team to serve as daily 
  • 24 hours to assist our guests for emergency 
  • Skill working is unlimited for us to find the best solution to assist our client who need help 
  • Good cooperation with all suppliers of travel industry in Cambodia so good deal will be touchable
  • Reliable as we only selected the safe suppliers to work with
  • Responsible of all our works
  • Always develop ourselves to the current updated