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Angkor World Travel & Tours Co., Ltd has started as own independence operation for vehicles rental on June 01, 2005. We begin from the popular vehicles and as we got different requests from different interesting of clients so we now available more type of vehicles for rent up to premium, luxury and other categories for short or long period rental.

We focus on searching to investigate every step to ensure that our customers are happy with our services and we hope all clients enjoy the holiday in Cambodia. As a part of Cambodian people we proud to let everyone know that Cambodian are very friendly, helpful and able to provide an excellent service as well as reliable.

Our selection of drivers are as following:

  • As a job of drivers, they must be licensed with safe drive by not drunk, not drink alcohol, not talk on phone during the drive, and follow the driving rule. Safety is very importance and this is not only for the clients but it is also for driver himself and other involved people. As a driver we must understand in helping to keep safety as a major so accident will never happen and this will bring all of us the happiness forever.
  • Good behavior is our preference too as we think it is unacceptable if any driver spoils the holiday of anyone. The action of driver must be ready for a well done job.
  • Friendly and helpful driver is a good chance for driver himself and also for our team benefit of further recommendation. Our drivers were treated to consider clients as our relative or friends or family or people we respect and we are the only hope who can help our clients as urgent case if need. So our priority choice of promoting up job or any bonus will be given to driver who have the good kind of helping as best as possible and received highest recommendation from clients.
  • On time is a must as we think the time is valuable and if the driver late, is an annoy and may cause a problem of missing something next step. Our drivers were trained to pay close attention to the on time work.

Our goal of vehicles:

  • Our vehicles are regularly check up, it must be in good condition, work well of air-conditioned.
  • Non smoking and clean before serve to our customers.

You are welcome if you have any other good opinion to add on or any point that you think we are missing or you would like to share your experience with us, please email us at

Design your own preference
With our experienced team, we are welcome and open for discussion or customize of all your requests. We also serve the monthly rental with driver or self-drive and price is up on request.

Self-drive briefing:
- Prices are starting from US$58/day up to US$188/day and US$1222/month up to US$4225/month depending on the type of vehicle.
- International diver license is required.
- Limited mileage is 100km/day and 3000km/month. Surcharge US$0.25 per each kilometer in excess usage.
- Deposit of passport, money and other documents as per our updated checklist and this will be provided upon request.
- Agreement will be made and signed after approval from our management.

Renew International Driver License
We are able to help you to renew your driver license and require the following document:
- Price is US$96
- Copy as color of your driver license
- Copy as color of your passport
- Copy of your Cambodia Visa or E-Visa
- 6 Photos as passport's photo size (4 x 6)
- Require 45 working days to proceed the work. However in next one working day, you will get driver license as temporary which allow you to use as legal during the 45 days that we proceed the renew for you.

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