Cambodia Tour Type

Cambodia is well known as an excellent land location in South East Asia with surrounding by mountain border and very peaceful living by not facing to the huge nature disaster. From the fertilizer soil over the country and the largest freshwater lake in Asia has been brought Cambodia to a wonderful country. Unfortunately this country was going down to zero during Khmer Rouge ruled the country in the wrong way.

After that Khmer Rouge disappeared, Cambodia is now slightly developing with better well known as a lovely country to the world. With the Cambodian’s attitude of friendly people, honest, and uncountable heritage sights such as just a little town of Siem Reap covers hundred temples including the famous Angkor Wat, Kulen Mountain Waterfall, and many other incredible temples offer its rich culture and history attached from re-discovery of 150 years ago.

A capital of Phnom Penh has a latest Royal Palace where continue till present as the home of current Cambodian’s King. It now opens for travelers to able visiting the manicured gardens, the Silver Pagoda with its floor made from over 5000 silver tiles and a life sized Buddha encrusted with 9584 diamonds. A holy Wat Phnom where people over the country believe their wishes come true if they have a chance to pray there. Museums, silk island, vibrant markets, commerce and economic departments of the country are all available in this capital.

Colonial south coast town of Kep and the charming beach of Sihanoukville are exceptional for relaxation. Agricultural city of Battambang or well known as the most delicious place for rice, orange, and many other fruits… is a fantastic green resource produce positive works for farmers and any work involving with plant growing. Kampong Cham, Kratie, Rattanakiri, Moundolkiri, and many other cities or provinces offer different of their own highlighted.

Please do not hesitated to contact us either you have short or long time for your holiday in Cambodia. Our expert travel team who were born here and live here and work here and always explore all around Cambodia will be able to design a great itinerary to meet your expectation. We know how to offer or find authentic soft adventure, special experiences that are off the beaten track, combine an extraordinary level of comfort and luxury, boutique hotels or luxury resorts, ancient or modern transportations, outstanding local guide, cheap flights or best airlines, public bus of standard up to luxury from day up to night times, scenic cruises of a couple hours or overnights, experience of Cambodian arts, local life style, tasty cuisine, and more unique activities. We look forward to hearing from all your enquiries.

Join In Tours

Meet and make friends from all over the world

Join In Tours or was also known as Seat In Coach Tours or Share Tours is a trip for everyone which we design to allow travelers from all over be able to book to join a tour. This tour introduces you to know some new friends however we keep as a small group of maximum about 12 persons to be easy going with our talent of English speaking local guide. Most tours operate daily. If you travel alone or just a few persons and you look to save your cost expense, we highly recommend you to book this join tour.

Private Tours

Travel with the only people you know and love

Private Tours is a trip only for yourself or your own family or your own group. We design many options by different category, more travel style, different highlight, more destinations, and from short up to long journey. Beside our sample itineraries, we open for discussion to meet your preference depending on your travel period and specific need. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concern. Let us show you how possible for a wonderful holiday in Cambodia.